Alice Randall Announces New Album- My Black Country! Out April 12

Alice Randall Announces New Album- My Black Country! Out April 12

For more than four decades the songwriter, New York Times best-selling author (The Wind Done Gone), and acclaimed educator Alice Randall has been one of the few Black female writers on Nashville’s Music Row, and the first to pen a #1 hit (Trisha Yearwood’s  "XXXs and OOOs"). And while she has seen her songs recorded by multiple generations of country artists - from Glen Campbell and Mo Bandy, to Marie Osmond and Yearwood - none of those artists looked like her. Until now. 

On April 12, Oh Boy Records will release My Black Country, a collection of Randall’s most beloved songs as interpreted by some of the strongest Black female voices in modern country, roots and folk music.

What emerges in My Black Country is a celebration of the most American of music genres and the radical joy in realizing the power of Black influence on American culture. As country music goes through a fresh renaissance today, with a new wave of Black artists enjoying success, My Black Country is the perfect gift for longtime country fans and a vibrant introduction to a new generation of listeners who previously were not invited to give the genre a chance.

"Because all the singers of my songs had been white, because country has white-washed black lives out of country space, most of my audience assumed the stars of my songs were all white. I wanted to rescue my Black characters. This album does that; it centers black female creativity, but it welcomes co-creators and allies from a myriad of identities. This is the good harvest: abundant love and beauty for all".

"My definition of Country is Celtic and British Ballads + African Influences Of Evangelical Christianity= Country. Me and Oh Boy, we, all kinds of Country". 

- Alice Randall

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