The Bis-Quits - The Bis-Quits (CD) - OH BOY RECORDS


The Bis-Quits were a roots-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Its members were Will Kimbrough, Tommy Womack, Mike Grimes (bass), and Tommy Meyer (drums). Womack has described the band's style as "kinda like NRBQ meets the Replacements.” The band released only one, self-titled album on Oh Boy Records in 1993.

Track Listing: 

  1. Tommy's On His Own
  2. Blues & Wine 
  3. Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White)
  4. Anal All Day 
  5. Cold Wind 
  6. Cyberbop
  7. 76 Bis-Quits 
  8. Smell The Taste of Love 
  9. The Powers That Be 
  10. Tennessee Valley Girl 
  11. Walking On A Wire 
  12. Yo Yo Ma