Live on Tour (CD) - John Prine - OH BOY RECORDS


Released in 1997, with a great selection of tracks, including a full band version of Lake Marie. This disc contains 3 bonus tracks of previously unreleased studio recordings.

Track Listing: 
  1. "Picture Show"
  2. "Quit Hollerin' at Me" 
  3. "You Got Gold"
  4. "Unwed Fathers"
  5. "Space Monkey"
  6. "The Late John Garfield Blues"
  7. "Storm Windows"
  8. "Jesus the Missing Years"
  9. "Humidity Built the Snowman"
  10. "Illegal Smile"
  11. "Daddy's Little Pumpkin"
  12. "Lake Marie"
  13. "If I Could"
  14. "Stick a Needle in My Eye"
  15. "You Mean So Much to Me"