Die Midwestern (CD) - Arlo McKinley - OH BOY RECORDS


Coming out of the eclectic Cincinnati scene, Arlo McKinley has washed his songs in the blood of street soul, country, punk and gospel – and tattooed them onto the underground.

Filled with an honest weight and gritty-hope from rustbelt city life, McKinley rolled downriver to Memphis’ Sun Studio where Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Ross-Spang gathered a working man’s all-star band to record his Oh Boy Records debut, Die Midwestern.

Track Listing:

  1. We Were Alright
  2. Die Midwestern 
  3. She's Always Around
  4. Bag of Pills 
  5. The Hurtin's Done 
  6. Suicidal Saturday Night 
  7. Once Again 
  8. Whatever You Want 
  9. Gone For Good 
  10. Walking Shoes