Caught It From The Rye (Vinyl) - Tré Burt - OH BOY RECORDS


Tre Burt's debut album is available on vinyl from Oh Boy Records. The album showcases Burt's literary songwriting and lo-fi, rootsy aesthetic, which he honed busking on the streets of San Francisco and traveling the world in search of inspiration. Like his label mate and songwriting hero John Prine, Burt has a poet's eye for detail, a surgeon's sense of narrative precision and a folk singer's natural knack for a timeless melody. Caught It From the Rye is an urgent missive from an important new voice in songwriting.

Track Listing:

  1.   What Good
  2.   Caught It From The Rye
  3.   Undead God Of War
  4.   Franklin’s Tunnel
  5.   Only Sorrow Remains
  6.   Real You
  7.   Moth’s Crossing
  8.   Get It By Now Blues
  9.   Last Hurrah