My Black Country - The Songs of Alice Randall - Various Artists - Vinyl


" I had songs recorded in the 80s, in the 90s, in the 2000s, and 2010s, but I never once had the joy of hearing one of the songs that I wrote from the perspective of a Black woman recorded by a Black woman. With this project...I hope to change that." - Alice Randall

Alice Randall is a New York Times bestselling novelist, award-winning songwriter, and educator. She is widely recognized as one of the most significant voices in modern Black fiction. She lives in Nashville where she writes country songs.

We are honored to partner with Alice Randall and a community of Black, female musicians to bring you My Black Country - The Songs of Alice Randall. Alice Randall has written songs performed by Glen Campbell, Moe Bandy, Marie Osmond, Jo-El Sonier, Judy Rodman, Radney Foster, Holly Dunn, and Trisha Yearwood. She is the first Black woman to have a number-one hit on the country charts. Her influence in country music and as a voice in the Black community is immense. Here we present a collection of Alice's songs re-imagined and re-recorded by Black female artists from around America. 


  • Small Towns - Leyla McCalla 3:03
  • Girls Ride Horses Too - Sistastrings 3:52
  • Went for a Ride - Adia Victoria 4:50
  • The Ballad of Sally Anne - Rhiannon Giddens 3:57
  • Solitary Hero - Sunny War 3:59
  • I’ll Cry for Yours - Miko Marks 3:36
  • Many Mansions - Allison Russell 3:30
  • Get the Hell Outta Dodge - Saaneah Jamison 3:43
  • Who’s Minding the Garden - Rissi Palmer 3:34
  • Big Dream - Valerie June 2:22
  • XXX’s And OOO’s (An American Girl) - Caroline Randall Williams 4:23