Dan Reeder (CD) - Dan Reeder - OH BOY RECORDS


Where it all started! Get Dan Reeder's debut album on CD today! 

Track Listing: 

  1. Three Chords
  2. No One Will Laugh
  3. The Tulips on the Table
  4. Dan Reeder - Food and P***y
  5. Fight My Way Out
  6. Shackles and Chains
  7. Here in the Kitchen
  8. My Little Bitty Pee Pee
  9. Work Song
  10. Po Po Dancing
  11. The Day Is Over
  12. These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
  13. The Coolest Blues Ever
  14. Havana Burning
  15. Dr. Gunter
  16. The World's Slowest Blues
  17. The Brain Is Not the Mind
  18. Clean Elvis