I've Got a Way (CD) - Kelsey Waldon


Kelsey Waldon's 2016 album, I've Got a Way, available on CD from Oh Boy Records. 

"It's the immediacy of her storytelling, utterly unsentimental yet deeply heartfelt, that makes Kelsey Waldon a queen of the cool rejoinder and an all-around contender." - NPR

Track Listing:

  1. Dirty Old Town 
  2. All By Myself 
  3. You Can Have It 
  4. False King 
  5. Don't Hurt The Ones (Who've Loved You The Most) 
  6. I'd Rather Go On 
  7. There Must Be A Someone 
  8. Let's Pretend 
  9. Life Moves Slow 
  10. Travelin' Down This Lonesome Road 
  11. The Heartbreak