Mississippi Soul (CD) - Slick Ballinger


From No Depression:

"Just 21 when this rowdy booger was recorded, Daniel “Slick” Ballinger is a flashy, captivating, white-boy belter whose voice, in a blindfold test, would most likely send blues aficionados searching for a road-tested, 50-something female veteran of the chitlin circuit. It is an otherworldly, back-o’-the-neck rasp liberally punctuated with falsetto swoops, and the North Carolina native’s Piedmont-style guitar playing (thumbing the bass strings), combined with the insistent honking ‘n’ howling of Blind Mississippi Morris’ harmonica and Leon Baker’s straight-ahead, neo-martial, hill country drumming, make for an electrifying attack right out of the gate. The sound is crisp and biting, and Ballinger’s in-the-tradition originals mingle surprisingly comfortably amid covers of Muddy, Sonny Boy, Willie Tubbs and Son Thomas."

Track Listing:

  1. Sugar Mama Blues
  2. You Don't Love Me
  3. Brotherhood Blues
  4. Mississippi Soul
  5. Let's Get Down
  6. Rosalie
  7. Juke House Blues
  8. Bull Cow Blues
  9. Slow Down
  10. Sleeping Dogs Lie
  11. Talkin' 'Bout Jesus